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Key Chains


 One thing that almost every man, woman, and even child has a set of keys. We have keys for a wide variety of things, like the house, car, work, storage boxes, diaries, bicycle locks, school and storage lockers, cash boxes, mailboxes, safety deposit boxes, and the list could go on and on. Whether you have just one important key or several, having a key chain can help identify your specific set of personal keys from other particular sets of keys, as well as, from other people’s sets of keys in your home, office, or anywhere you might be. 

Dog Tags


 Dog tags have long been associated with the military, but in recent years they have become popular with the public, as well. These popular and trendy dog tags are a great way to add some distinctness to your set of promotional items. Our customized dog tags include traditional looking metallic tags with stamped, molded, or etched styling, as well as, non-traditional, unique designs featuring custom shapes, anodized color, and special functions, such as bottle openers and key rings. Add color, fun, or protection to your custom designed dog tags with silicon jackets to go around the tags. 



 Lanyards are fun and versatile accessories. While most commonly known for being worn around the neck to easily and conveniently display id cards, badges, and tags, they are often also used as key chains or to hold other small items that can be easily lost, such as whistles, e-cigarettes, and pouches. Some of the customized lanyard versions have roller clips that are popular for keeping cards that need to be scanned frequently in easy reach. With so many incredible uses, custom designed lanyards are popular choices as advertising materials and to help raise awareness about various causes. 

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